WindDecision® was formed in late 2014 to create a new generation of consultancy in the wind energy market. Most international consultancies prefer to assist their customers with engineering knowledge, and experience, but there are occasions where this approach falls short or is inadequate. Sometimes, conventional methods may not work and transfering newest scientific knowledge to engineering applications becomes a necessity.

WindDecision® provides support to its customers with target oriented, scientific research. The objective of WindDecision® is to bring the most state-of-the-art scientific knowledge to engineering using decision making software and other engineering tools, such as review reports, technical documents, white papers and technical courses. WindDecision® offers services through its full-time employees and associates from Denmark, Greece, Germany and UK who will listen to you and suggest a scientific research timeline to reach a solution by employing all necessary expertise.

At WindDecision®, we believe there is always more to be done through newer science. If you want to carry your work to the future, we would be happy to hear from you.

Foundation background
WindDecision® has been formed by Assist.Prof. Ferhat Bingöl from Izmir Institute of Technology (IZTECH) at the Technology Development Zone of the institute (IZTEKGEB) in agreement with the Turkish Science and Industry Ministry’s 6 July 2001 dated and 4691 numbered initiative. Dr.Bingöl has over 10 years’ experience in wind energy research, as a student, full time researcher and scientist at Denmark Technical University Wind Energy Department, one of the most important wind energy laboratories in the world (formerly known as Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy). Dr. Bingöl also holds an MSc in Wind Energy and a PhD in Wind Energy from the same university. His wide range of studies revolve around, wind databases, wind atlas generation, lidar measurements, complex terrain studies, GIS and satellite wind measurements. He is a recognized ‘expert witness’ on the topic of wind energy in Turkish Courts but no longer serve as one not to have conflict of interest and a member of the Danish Society of Engineers (IDA), the Wind Energy Association of Turkey (TÜREB), the Greek Wind Energy Association (ELETAEN) and the Turkish Society of Mechanical Engineers (MMO).


WindDecision believes that R&D is a team work of high qualified experts. We work with “associates” system where we create groups of experts for each project. Sometimes the team can be from close circle of the company but sometimes it has to be formed even with experts from different countries. Associates we closely work are listed below.

Dr. Ferhat Bingöl / Founder and R&D Manager
With over 10 years wind energy experience, focus area of Dr.Bingöl is wind resource assessment, developing new software for wind energy use and new measurement techniques such as lidars, sodars and satellites. He also holds a Assist.Prof. position at Izmir Institute of Technology where he gives wind energy related courses.
Dr.Ö.Emre Orhan / Engineer – Lecturer
He is manager for Wind and Solar Engineering at Borusan EnBW Energy in Turkey. During the last 4 years he has worked actively for the completion of almost 300 MW wind projects and development of more than 3000 MW green field wind projects. Previously Ömer worked for the German consultant company Fichtner and Alstom Hydro in Barcelona. Dr. Orhan cooperates with WindDecision in wind energy courses.

WindDecision has institutional collaboration with the Atmosfer Technology Transfer Office of the Izmir Institute of Technology which is located at the same technology development zone.

WindDecision has a collaboration agreement with the Danish Energy and Climate Academy to develop, held and publish courses about wind energy. Two parthners are working together since 2016. See the related press release