Good investment is only done through state-of-the-art knowledge.

1-to-1+courses Ten years ago, turbine designs and wind energy yield assessments were not done as we do them today. In another ten years, they will not be same because the world of wind energy has an ambitious goal of 30% energy production by wind before 2020. This will require significant and fast scientific and technical development. WindDecision® follows the wind energy research and keeps you up-to-date with the state-of-the-art knowledge via 1-to-1 workshops and group courses.

profile_logo_6081_460x160Our courses are held in collaboration with the Danish Academy of Energy and Climate. The academy offers several wind energy related courses from several experts from Denmark and (two) from WindDecision® team. Dr. Bingöl and Dr.Orhan will be with you with Danish experts during the courses in Turkey, increasing the local knowledge transfer.

Currently available courses (scheduled for 2016) in Turkey are:

  • Wind Energy Basic Course for Generalists 28.Nov – 02.Dec İstanbul
  • Wind Energy Basic Course for Engineers 28.Nov – 30.Nov İstanbul
  • Wind Energy Course for Developers 12.Nov – 14.Nov İstanbul

    Download the complete brochure for the whole list and the information on lecturers. You can register online and secure your seat now!